Worked closely with the DoubleClick ad technology innovation team to architect this RSS enhanced CMS for dynamic Ad banners. In essence the site lets The Sun newspaper update multiple banner formats across multiple sites from one easy location. The CMS gives their online team the ability to instantly update the image, headline and subheadline in each banner and the links to articles in the right-click menu which deeplink (all tracked) to multiple news articles. These settings can also be overridden for individual formats, new images can be uploaded directly to the DFA CDN from the CMS and in order to streamline the usability – the CMS is auto populated from the Latest Sun Online RSS feed to make article selection and copyrighted image sourcing as simple and efficient as possible.

Obviously I can’t link to the live private system but here’s a screenshot of the CMS Site and a non functional DHTML CMS walk through I built to assist Doubleclick with the PHP skinnning. I’ve also posted some examples of the Dynamics Banners

The end users absolutely love the system, updating the banners whilst live up to 4 times a day (perhaps more).  I wrote the AS2 Flash for the banners & DHTML CSS skinning for the PHP back end being built by Haden at DoubleClick and also helped with trainning & resource packs for designers who did the skins for the 6 campaigns rolled out so far for Bet, Bingo, Football, Big Brother, News, Sports and Entertainment. A very successful system with more to come & some very exciting updates in the pipeline with dynamic video, FFMPEG auto FLV compression and more control for end users, skinning and tracking possibilities.

Technologies: Flash/XML/CSS/Javascript/CDN’s/DoubleClick/TangoZebra/RSS/PHP/Ad serving

  • Yahoo!/Sony Destination Handycam

Ran for 6 months (April – Nov 2007) hosted on an industrial server at Rackspace – former URL http://uk.destinationhandycam.yahoo.net this multi language Pan Euro UCG Video competition site allowed users to upload videos to specific latitude/longitude locations.

Sony Destination Handycam

Technologies: Flash/Yahoo! Maps API/Yahoo! Answers API/DHTML/PHP/MySQL
Partners: Yahoo!, Sony, Rackspace

There is a demo of this running at http://destinationhandycam.admedia.yahoo.net/

Inherited & improved this project, adding more content and modifying the site structure. Acted as tech consultant on negotiations with the client in a complex multi-agency political situation and managed the transition to a new developer to handle the continual updates.

Technologies: Flash/XML/CSS/Hitbox & Google Analytics Tracking

Came in at a late stage on this project and helped out a lot rebuilding the video player/menu & XML doc structure

Technologies: Flash/XML/CSS/Hitbox & Google Analytics Tracking

  • Yahoo! Europe Custom Front Page Ad Design & Development

I worked at Yahoo! as Ad Technology Creative for 2 years designing/building Custom Front Page ads. I built hundreds of these including bespoke work for our flagship brands & prestige clients (Warner Bros, Swatch, Sony, Adidas, Puma, Ford, O2, Pepsi, Toyota, Toshiba etc…). Click the thumbnail below for a list of the best:
This demo must be viewed in IE on a PC

Technologies: Flash/DHTML/JS/PHP/MySQL/XML
Partners: TangoZebra, Eyeblaster, EmailVision, Akamai, Flashtalking

PinkMarzipan’s website is one of the UK’s first and best sites running on brand new Web 2.0 e-commerce platform Magento. It has a full client CMS with rich AJAX interface, Flash content, Protx integration, solid SEO and many rich community features.

Technologies: Flash/DHTML/JS/PHP/MySQL/XML/Linux/Magento/Protx/SSL

Project Media PR’s website includes Flash with a working back button, a CMS admin page for dynamic content & a full company email solution.

Technologies: Flash/DHTML/JS/PHP/MySQL/XML

  • Freelance site: MilkButterCheese.com

I designed and built a Paypal based e-commerce site with an inventory CMS for Brighton based ultra cool T-shirt designers/printers MilkButterCheese.com
Milk Butter Cheese

Technologies: Flash/Paypal API/XML/XUpdate/ASP/ACCESS

This is no longer live as of Jan 2007 – Marcus; we lost contact after I went travelling! Get in touch mate

I built the Flash & JavaScript elements of this Countdown Widget generator at Glue

Technologies: Flash/DHTML/JavaScript/Google Analytics/Mochibot/MySpace/Facebook

Lyth Valley Hotel

Technologies: Flash/HTML/CSS/Yahoo! Maps API

Hayley Allums model portfolio

Technologies: Flash

  • Freelance game Development: Defuse Me Viral

I built this viral game for Defuse Me a London based office massage company. I designed all the graphics for this too

Technologies: Flash/Fireworks

  • Freelance game Development: Isometric Game Engine

Brief demo of some of my Gaming & Poser 3D modelling skills I did in 2005

Technologies: Flash/Poser

  • Freelance game Development: Defuse Me Viral

I built this viral game for Defuse Me a London based office massage company. I designed all the graphics for this too

Technologies: Flash/Fireworks

  • ‘Spike’ Demo Development: Proof of Concept Physics animation for Sony Yahoo! homepage

Brief proof of concept demo I did at Yahoo! to help the sales team pitch an idea for a Bravia ad

Technologies: Flash/HTML

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