PureMVC & Flash Develop basic Kuler API Demo & Source

7 01 2009

I was looking for some basic working examples of PureMVC framework based apps to get my head round the Mediator Interface stuff and found a lovely demo over on Josh Weatherspoon’s blog. I’m not trying to claim I wrote this, just rejigged it so you can use Flash Develop & the Flash IDE not Flex (Hooray!) and if you do too you’ll find this a heck of a lot easier to understand as it’ll compile straight away.  I also updated it for the latest Kuler API (colour swatch generator)

Pure MVC Example

Click the above for a demo & grab the source inc FlashDevelop 3 Project File & bundled non SWC PureMVC libs here.

Cheers Josh, nice one



2 responses to “PureMVC & Flash Develop basic Kuler API Demo & Source”

20 04 2009
Jip Spinnewijn (09:45:41) :

Thanks for your great work on the ‘port’ to FlashDevelop.
Helped me a lot!

5 05 2009
Rob (04:27:14) :

No problem, cheers Jip

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