Multiple Face detection in AS3 using OpenCV demo

30 04 2009

fdt_as3_me_and_jens.jpg I got a mutiple face detection in Flash application running smoothly which is rather nice :) Thanks a million to Squidder and to the original author of the OpenCV file @ Intel, Rainer Lienhart. The deploy has  a zipped up XML document with Haar Classifier pattern recognition…

The AS3 unzips this data, grabs the blob/face detection data, polls frames from the camera and scans them for faces. When it finds them it will draw a rectangle around the detected faces and render them back on top of the video feed.

Check it out at

A quick nose at the OpenCV Wikipedia stub will show you just how interesting this technology is as it’s used for:

FDT made knocking this together and sharing it on SVN in house at Glue a breeze. Hopefully I’ll knock something up with this and share some source other than what Squidder has already kindly posted.