XAMPP WordPress command line upgrade on Mac OSX

20 07 2011

Aloha. I’ve used this handy link to upgrade remote WordPress installs on my EC2 Ubuntu Linux box a few times:


I tried to do this locally using Terminal on Mac OSX Snow Leopard and noticed that you need a few tweaks to get it working. Here is the script that worked for me:

mkdir /temp
cd /temp
curl -O http://wordpress.org/latest.zip
unzip latest.zip
cd /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/yourblog.dev
cp -avR /temp/wordpress/* .
rm -rf /temp

Basically, wget isn’t installed by default so you just use curl which is. There’s also one more change; when I tried the working Linux script from the CyberCiti link I got this error message:

cp: the -R and -r options may not be specified together.

uppercasing the R fixed it ;)

Hope this is useful to someone. Have fun on the internets, cheerio

Looking for a Junior Creative person…

7 03 2011

Recently, despite some tangential geek outs in the realms of Linux, EC2 and iOS development (more about that another time) I am doing more creative direction, pitching, presenting and sales support. It’s going extremely well and basically I am very overworked and looking to hire a full time assistant who can get involved with any or all aspects of our process – which I can loosely define as:

  • Receive initial pseudo brief from client first contact
  • Interpret their agenda, research the problem space, turn this into an internal brief
  • Brainstorm & come up with several innovative, interesting, cross platform ideas
  • Pick the best of these and ensure it fits with the wider campaign/brand platform
  • Ensure idea is achievable (time/budget/legal) and technically feasible
  • Devise a way to sell the client the idea (email/illustrations/scamps/flats/proof of concept)
  • Turn the above into a beautifully presented, coherent presentation, swiftly and effectively
  • Maintain high levels of client service in written and verbal communication
  • Be agile and flexible and modify this pipeline whenever suitable
  • I don’t care if this person comes from a background which is classically considered as technical (BEng/BSc) or creative (BA/Illustration) or even if it is a non graduate who has taught themselves CSS whilst goatherding/wakeboarding/waitressing. We can teach you the tools you will need and don’t have unreasonable expectations as to what you will have worked on so far. I just need you to be clever, creative, enthusiastic, positive and motivated. Sound good to you or anyone you know? Please send them on the brief below.

    Job Brief:

    We are looking for a Junior Creative who is interested in what is effectively an apprenticeship in the creative industry. The role will be very diverse and will require an imaginative person with an interest in the areas of media, marketing, advertising, software development. This person will gain loads of hands on experience in an expanding, fast paced small company that is going places in a growth industry. We particularly wish to seek keen, enthusiastic, self motivated, hungry to learn, bright eyed/bushy tailed problem solvers with excellent communication & interpersonal skills.

    The only prerequisites are that you are an active consumer of digital media (Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Vimeo/Flickr/Soundcloud etc...) so you understand the paradigm and the culture that we work with and that you want to learn the art and craft of imagining and realising content for these platforms and the wider web, wherever that may be - think Android/iPhone/Tablets/Kiosks/TV/Whatever.

    Anyone with a qualification, blog or online portfolio of photography/music/illustration/art/design/code/life experience will be considered. We can offer you a good starting salary of 18-25k dependent on skills experience & qualifications. If you have skills in any Adobe Creative Suite software or any web/mobile development platforms e.g HTML/JavaScript/PHP/Flash/Linux it will help you greatly and you will be able to get your hands dirty fast and learn from seasoned professional designers/developers/copywriters/project managers/account handlers etc.

    If you are interested please send a concise (<200 words) email and link/cv to :

    Rob OOSocial Contact Details

    N.B I’ve blurred out my number on the above to deter OCR bots but if you are capable of getting this job I’m sure you can work out how to get hold of me :)

    P.S I’d also be interested to hear from anyone who has read this from the perspective of one who has experience finding and hiring (or is looking to hire) a person in a similar role. Where did you publish your brief? Do you have any recommendations? Does requesting a less defined role yield better or worse responses? Ta!

    Worrying harbinger of robotic doom

    21 01 2011

    Those who know me know that I like Robots and occasionally aspire to make some and tinker about with them. I also read lots of blogs about robotics and technology. Follow me on Twitter if you’re interested in such matters. Today I was watching this amazing video about carnivorous robots that hunt insects and then consume them to create power with which to fuel themselves


    This tale of terror transcends even the hunter killers of the Skynet ouevre though; today I got a glimpse of the future and it does not look good for me. Imagine my fear when I saw the terrifying and uncanny prophetic logo of the site I was on!

    get Rob(o) uncanny logo

    I’m afraid it looks like I am destined to end up on this list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_inventors_killed_by_their_own_inventions


    Triumphant return to the internet

    17 08 2010

    15 months since my last post; I have been a remarkably busy man, sorry! Also I’ve got more and more into microblogging via Twitter (@robmccardle) and found that enough of an outlet for splurging public things about technology. Time for a minor update on my little corner of the web though, just in case you’re watching.

    I left Glue and joined Iris in September where I’m now Head of Interactive. Still developing on a daily basis, I lead the 4 or 5 strong Flash team here (+ a bunch of freelancers) and my days are split between bookable AS3 dev time and a smorgasbord of brainstorming, pitch work, creative consultancy, scoping, team management and technical R&D (when we’re not too busy which isn’t as often as I’d like). We’re a gloriously flat organisation and use mongrel Photoshop/Flash/Copy/UX/AE/3DSMAX/Assorted Wizardry creatives instead of traditional agency pairs which is brilliant. They’re some of the nicest and most talented folk I’ve had the pleasure of working with and all’s well.

    I went to FITC Amsterdam ByteArray workshop & conference http://bit.ly/5lSRzT which absolutely rocked. Herr’s Reitberger http://www.prinzipiell.com and Klingemann http://www.quasimondo.com in particular were outstanding. I left there feeling reinvigorated and creatively inspired as a great conference should.

    So; August 2010 I just updated my WP installation to shiny 3.1 behind the scenes and am back in the glorious future.

    TODO – Update my portfolio with the ~100 sites I’ve worked on since I last updated
    TODO – Post several very useful snippets of code I’ve written in various languages
    TODO – Tool up to battle the accursed spammers (main reason I let this blog slip)
    TODO – Maybe some sort of JQuizzle WP Skin upgrade when I get a spare minute

    I’m afraid I just deleted 36,786 comments this afternoon & reading any of them wasn’t an option so if you’ve trying to get hold of me for legitimate purposes I apologise. Please try the other social channels available via the links on this blog if you want to get in touch.

    Warm Regards,


    Tech news that beggars belief

    24 02 2009

    Firstly it would appear that Lord Carter’s vision for Digital Britain involves speed reducing, litigation fuelling ISP snooping DRM nonsense á la China, Syria and Australia read more here & behold the zeitgeist in action:


    Absolutely not. We will march through the streets of Shoreditch!

    And also IE8 actually introduces 2 new browsers to test in because IE7 ‘Compatibility Mode’ does not render sites in the same was as IE7 ????? See news here from IE’s marketing department and a pretty damning analysis from someone with more sense

    Google ChromePlease don’t use IE ever! Chrome is blisteringly fast and doesn’t crash because if one tab hangs you can kill that process without losing the whole application and having to kill your session (though god knows what private data is collected while you use it) but I’m split between that and Firefox 3 as it’s got so many amazing tools and I love Mozilla. If Google would only add FFox plugin support though…