AS3 Efficiency & Optimisation tricks

20 03 2009

Found some truly excellent resources on this (Thanks to Gibo & Mike for the links):

I’ve been trying to save some of these little loops e.g. [code lang="actionscript"] list[length] = item; [/code]which for a simple Array push for example is 3x faster than:[code lang="actionscript"] list.push(item); [/code]out as FDT  snippets called arrPush for example so that I don’t even have to remember to use them and the benefits will appear throughout production rather than post optimization whcih can be a pain. In other news, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting used to Fabrication this week and it really is incredibly good. I’ll post something about it in the next fortnight. Happy Friday all :)

Grabbing assets out of AIR apps

12 03 2009

I’ve done some work in the past with the Konfabulator (Now Yahoo! Widgets) widget patform and the workflow (no IDE) was that you used to rename the .widge files to .zip and decompress in order to view the JS and XML source. I was nosing at a few AIR apps today (Frienddeck and a Merapi AS3 to Java bridge application – in order to grab Skype metadata) and thought I’d give this method a test and yes you can kind of do the same with AIR! 

 Rename the .air to .zip and decompress (I use Winzip) – it throws an error but you get some source including a .swf which you can then run through a decompiler (I use Sothink) and you get the symbols (PNG’s, Movieclips etc…). This could be useful under certain circumstances so I thought I’d share. Cheerio :)

Excellent free HTML Editor for Eclipse

4 03 2009

Doing some AS3 projects in FDT (Eclipse plug in) with FlashVars & SWFAddress and it’s so good being able to pop into a decent HTML Editor in the same IDE. It’s just as good as EditPlus & free. Lovely. Just drop the .jar in your plugins directory. Details and Sourceforge link here 

PureMVC Forum is ultra useful & friendly

18 02 2009

Pure MVCAbsolutely brilliant forum over at PureMVC. I had some heavy questions today and Cliff & Jason helped me an awful lot with some wide ranging and tricky concepts.  Thanks for the assistance guys :)